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Most popular top 10 immigration consultants in Chandigarh
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Most popular top 10 immigration consultants in Chandigarh

You should review this list of the best immigration consultants in Chandigarh if you’re seeking for someone to help you apply for an immigration or student visa at a foreign embassy.

We have ranked each consultant according to the comments we have received from clients who have used their services in an effort to give you more information about each consultant.

In addition to customer reviews, these Chandigarh immigration consultants have been evaluated based on their infrastructure, the countries they are knowledgeable about, the cost of the visa, general conduct, the number of counselors and filing officers who work with them, as well as their experience.

You may learn more about an immigration expert by clicking on their name, and you can get in touch with them directly if you have any questions concerning visas. This page’s information is current and is updated on a regular basis.

Most visitors from Punjab and Haryana arrive in Chandigarh to submit applications for Canada permanent residency or student visas for Canada or Australia.The month of April 2019 marked the most recent update to this list.

1. Sunshine Immigration

We are the best immigration consultant in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana. Since we provide quality services of study visa, visitor visa and counseling to our customers, The Sunshine Immigration Consultancy is the most trusted immigration service provider in Chandigarh. Based on ethics and trust, we hope to establish a long-term partnership with our clients.

Why Best Immigration consultant in Chandigarh

Directions– SCO-497,498,level 1 Sector 35-C, Chandigarh, 160035

If you are in a quest of cheapest countries to study abroad for being an Indian students, then you are at the optimistic place to end your quest. The Sunshine Immigration Consultancy is the most trusted immigration service provider in Chandigarh, built on ethics and conviction where we hope to cater a long-term partnership as well as rapport with clients. They assist their clients with the best study visa as they are considered to be the “Best Immigration consultants in Chandigarh

Contact Details- 

PHONE- 01724185154


2. AEC Consultants

Location of AEC Consultants: Chandigarh, SCO 54-55, Sector 34-A. (Close to Mukut Hospital)
The official name of the company is Abroad Education Consultants.

Student Visa contact numbers are 8556015132 and 8699666555.
Visa for tourists = 8699666555.
Canada PR is 9988950510. student Visa for Singapore, Cyprus, Poland, Hungary, and Portugal (Schengen) = 8699666555 (Mr. Prabhjot).

Reputable Chandigarh-based immigration firm AEC Consultants specializes on student visas. They have more than 7 branches in all of India’s main cities.

At the AEC headquarters in Sector 34-A, Chandigarh, trained counselors provide appropriate advice regarding the nation and course to be selected. The best thing about AEC Consultants is that they have an ex-visa officer on staff who assists candidates by accurately drafting their visa file.

Visa Services: Singapore, Dubai, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United Kingdom, and more.Web address for the organization:

3.Blue Sapphire Consultants

Location: Sector 34-A, SCO-58-59, Ground Floor, Chandigarh.
Phone: +91-7087088141, 9517520990.
One of Chandigarh’s top immigration and visa consulting firms, Blue Sapphire Consultants has a track record of success.

Blue Sapphire is based on the ground floor of a well-kept office building in Sector 34 and has direct connections to several cutting-edge institutions, institutes, and universities located all over the world.

In addition to student visas, the business is renowned for its success record in situations involving skilled worker citizenship from Canada.

Canadian, New Zea lander, Australian, Singaporean, Swis, British, and American nations. 3. Academic & Professional Studies Abroad (APSA) Address: SCO 134-135-136, 3rd Floor, Above Axis Bank, Sector 34-A, Chandigarh.

Official Website:
Contact numbers include: 0172-4628125, 9999375572, 7341150010 to 7341150014.

4.Academic & Professional Studies Abroad (APSA)

AAERI, NZIS, QEATC, and PIER all recognize Academic & Professional Studies Abroad (APSA) as an authorized education agent.

They provide as a one-stop shop for all the requirements of students looking to study abroad in nations including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, and Ireland.
Along with dependent and guest visas, they offer full support for student visas. The APSA team assists students in obtaining a scholarship from several outside scholarship programmers in addition to helping them gain admission.

Councilors have had the opportunity to receive training from former US embassy professionals, and even students have the chance to have their files evaluated.In addition to Chandigarh, APSA has a permanent office in New Delhi and a head office in New Zealand.

5.West Highlander

Location: Chandigarh, SCO 130-131, Sector 34A, Sector 34A.
Please call 9915999744 or 9915999766.
For Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, West Highlander is a service that offers career counseling abroad.

They provide free services like admissions, counseling, and visa assistance. The West Highlander Chandigarh staff is knowledgeable and skilled in handling the study abroad procedure in the most effective manner.

The Australian High Commission, Education NZ, and Canadian Accreditation Authorities have so provided official training for study visa counseling to top staff at West Highlander.

The following organizations have accredited this immigration expert in Chandigarh, who is also a signatory of Pastoral care for International Students.

Australian accreditation include membership in the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA), license number 1280308, and representation by the Association of Australian Education.Their director is also a Canada Course Graduate, CCG00099.Website:

6.Sunrise Immigration Advisors

Location: Sector 8-C, SCO 74-75, Levels 1 & 2, Madhya Marg, Chandigarh.0172-4261111 is the number.

The Chandigarh-based Sunrise Immigration Consultants, also known as “Sunrise International Legal Services,” provide immigration services, student visas, and business/investor visas for the nations listed below.

Skilled immigration: Canada and Australia

Canadian, American, Australian, Singaporean, Hong Kong, and British business and investment migration.Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, and Singapore accept student visas.
Official Website:

7. Asia Pacific Group

Sector 35-C, Chandigarh, SCO 477-478, First Floor, Asia Pacific Group Address.
Phone number: 0172-4007414.

One of the most sought-after immigration consultants in Chandigarh is Registered Migration Agent for Australia & New Zealand Education & Migration Services since the company is an expert when it comes to student visas or immigration for Australia, Canada, or New Zealand. They have one office in Chandigarh and two in Australia’s Melbourne and Sydney.

Six migration agents affiliated with Asia Pacific Group are registered with MARA. In addition to MARA, AAERI Member for Australia, ISANA, ICEF, Member of Migration Alliance, Migration Institute of Australia, IEAA, Licensed Immigration Advisor (NZ), ENZ Trained Agency, and Qualified Education Agent Counselor registered from PIER, they also belong to other organizations (Australia).

The finest aspect of this best immigration consultant in Chandigarh is that they not only assist with the visa application procedure but also offer complete support once you depart for another country.

More than 20000 clients have received their assistance. Study Visa Services for Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Immigration Services for Canada, New Zealand, and Australia.
The following URL is for India:

8. Can-am Group

Address: Chandigarh, SCO 83-84, Sector 17-D
Call us at 0172-5051600.1800-200-5499 is the toll-free number.Services for Immigration Visas and Study Abroad:
Can-am Immigration Consultant specialists in student visas, but they also offer knowledgeable immigration advice.

They’ve had success getting visas. You can look at the possibilities on this website if you’re thinking about moving to Canada and need housing.

Study Visa: USA, Canada, UK, Singapore, Ireland, NZ, Germany, Dubai, Switzerland and Korea.Immigration (Skilled Migration): Canada & Australia.
Official Website:

Can-am Consultants, an ISO 9001:2015-certified business, is currently the market leader in the advisory services sector for international education. In the beginning, Can-am, as its name suggests, will provide equip students with better educational options both in Canada and the USA.

However, Can-am has increased its access to students and assistance with moving to Canada and the United States in response to the growing interest of Indian students in seeking out educational opportunities in nations like Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Ireland, and Singapore as well as changes in government regulations regarding those opportunities.


Location: Sector 22-C, Near Hotel Aroma, SCO 2415-16, Chandigarh.Phone number: 0172-4243131.

The largest immigration database in the world, WWICS was founded in 1993.The largest immigration organization in the world, WWICS was founded in 1993. They continue to hold seminars around India to inform people about immigration laws.

With the most locations in all of India’s main cities and the most immigration clients as a result, WWICS is one immigration company.Immigration (skilled migration) and investment-based immigration are the key topics covered by WWICS. USA, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Europe, New Zealand, and Caribbean Islands are the countries.

10. Oceanic Consultants

Sector 9-C, Madhya Marg, Sector 124-125, Oceanic-Consultants, Chandigarh.
No: 0172-4689000

One of Chandigarh’s leading immigration experts is Oceanic. Despite focusing mostly on student visas, they provide a wide range of services because of their competence in this area. Oceanic consultants were established in year 1996.Countries: USA, Canada, UK and Australia. Official Website:

Why should you hire an immigration consultant?

Why should you hire an immigration consultant

1) Spend Time and Money Less by Hiring an Immigration Consultant.

A consultant will cost you money up front, but in the long run they will save you time and money. Just the immigration fees went up last year. Your application will be months late if you apply for the incorrect visa category.

Even small errors on your visa application cost money. Not to add that it can be necessary to restart the procedure. Even immigration lawyers may charge less than consultants, it’s possible.

You can spend weeks browsing blogs and self-help websites on the internet, or you can employ a knowledgeable, experienced immigration consultant to guide you through the process.

2) A Professional Consultant Will Defend You

Afraid to approach a representative of the government? It’s not just you. Even when you know you are correct, this is difficult.

A competent consultant will defend your position. They ensure the protection of your rights. If a government official misinterprets the law, they will defend you.

3) They Make Contacting the Government Simple.

If you undertake the process on your own before turning to a consultant, you are aware of the difficulty calling any visa office.Finding someone who is prepared to speak with you and provide you with in-depth responses is a challenge in and of itself. Immigration is still difficult.

You face the chance of getting the erroneous solution or application guidance.Immigration specialists are aware of who to call. They are aware of the best ways to get in touch with immigration officials and quickly obtain the information you require.

4) They Give Individualized Attention.
Expert consultants are aware of the data that superior apps require. They take great care to guide you around any traps in the application and process that may be hidden.

A knowledgeable immigration adviser will help you assess how changes such as getting married, divorcing, having a kid, or changing your line of work might affect your application.

To the best of their skills, they will offer you advice. They collaborate with you in the same manner to safeguard your success should immigration laws change.

5).They Protect Your Privacy

Information is available online on a wide range of subjects. Answers and firsthand accounts can be found on official websites and immigration blogs and forums. However, you might not want to publish on one of these sites if you need answers to private questions.

Questions about your family, job, health, or legal history necessitate confidentiality.

Your privacy is protected and a safe environment is provided by a consultant. Your consultant will maintain your privacy. In their hands, your confidential information is secure.

6) Handling Obstacles

Immigration consultants are methodical and meticulous. They’ll monitor your application and make sure all of your paperwork is up to date.

If an issue develops with paperwork, fees, or procedures, your consultant clears these obstacles for you. If a visa officer rejects your application, your consultant will try to have the decision overturned.

You can get peace of mind with consultants. Any problems that may develop throughout the immigration process are avoided or fixed by a caring counselor.

7) Your Appeal is overseen by a consultant

Submitted a request without legal representation, and the authorities rejected it?Your case is evaluated by a professional. They will supervise the procedure if they decide that your case qualifies for an appeal.

The appeals range from those involving the best interests of your children to those involving humanitarian and compassionate reasons. You are represented by consultants throughout the appeals process.

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